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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

When do you use 'CC' in an e-mail message

If you rely on your internet explorer favourites, you can get easier access to them with a little-known keyboard shortcut. Press the Ctrl key and tap the letter I on your keyboard while in Internet Explorer, and your favourites appear in a panel along the left side of the screen. Press Ctrl-I again to remove the panel. This keyboard shortcut works in some other web browsers, as well.
When do you use 'CC' in an e-mail message? CC stands for Carbon Copy. It's used primarily to send copies of an e- mail to additional people who may be interested in the topic of the message. You can use the CC box to send an e-mail message to others who might be interested in the topic but do not need to take action by responding. It's like telling those on the CC line that the e-mail message is 'for your information.'